How to submit

Última actualización: 26 Junio 2024

Journal of Computational Astronomy & Astronomical Computing (JAAC)

How to submit

The Journal of Computational Astronomy & Astronomical Computing is open to accept well written papers that fit within the scope of the journal. Each manuscript, whether in the form of a review or research paper, must comply with the following requirements:

  • It must be written in Spanish, English or French.
  • The title must be short and concise, and all authors and their affiliations must be clearly written after the title.
  • A short abstract, of not more than 300 words, with a concise summary of the contents of the paper, is required.
  • The manuscript must be organised into different sections, with an Introduction explaining the scope and perspective of the work, a section on Methods and models, a Results section, and a section on Conclusions. Some acknowledgments may be included, and a bibliography. This structure may be changed according to the type of contents if needed. Also, for short contributions, sections may be eliminated altogether.
  • All figures must have a caption with a description of the graph. The caption should not repeat the statements made in the text.
  • All tables should have a caption.
  • The length of the manuscript is not limited in principle, but the Editorial Board could ask the authors to introduce modifications to the original version in order to meet the aims of the manuscript and the scope of the journal.

The manuscript must adhere to one of the two JCAAC available templates:

  • A LaTex template, which is found here. The template contains some instructions. Use of the online tool Overleaf is highly recommended, as the editors may help users without any experience with LaTex.
  • A Word, template to be found here. This template is not recommended for manuscripts containing a large number of mathematical expressions.

Manuscript must be submitted via email to ..., in a tar or zip file containing all files necessary to build the manuscript. Alternatively, users of Overleaf may want to share their documents with the editors instead of sending the material via email.

A short letter of motivation must accompany the submission email, with a statement on the main ideas that led the author(s) to design and complete the work, and to submit it to JCAAC. Please provide a tentative section for the manuscript.

Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by one or more qualified referees from the JAAC staff, who will make comments. The refereed version will be accepted, or else returned to the authors so they may take the appropriate action and resubmit the paper. Manuscripts deemed not to be suitable for the journal will be rejected.

Journal CA&AC

The Journal of Computational Astronomy & Astronomical Computing is an effort by the FAAE - Grupo de Cálculo Astronómico (GCA) to encourage the use of software tools and the development of codes and algorithms for astronomical applications within the framework of amateur astronomy, as well as to connect the amateur community with the professional astronomy community and promote cross-collaboration and ProAm projects between both groups.